In 2008, the Water Resources Planning Institute, Water Resources Agency, MOEA established the " Taichung River Restoration Network (TRRN)", and gradually collected river restoration experience, theory and technology from domestic and foreign public and private sectors, and non-profit organizations (NGO).  From the point of view of the TRRN, it hopes to take the river restoration techniques and cases from different countries and groups and serve as the center of river restoration, to help promote and share views of all parties to achieve the purpose of technical exchange.

The TRRN site plans to gradually establish a comprehensive river restoration knowledge system and implement sustainable river management.  It also aims at providing Taiwan’s people with river restoration knowledge, and to strengthen related knowledge within domestic and foreign groups, to help with technology exchange, and achieve integration of the domestic river restoration related cases as well as information on such concepts. In the future, this site will take up the responsibility of passing knowledge on river and stream restoration and environment creation, and serve as the bridge to communicate across national and fields, so as to promote the river ecology and river recovery function.

On the other hand, Taiwan is known for its mountains, earthquakes, and steep terrain, and the World Bank has listed Taiwan among the affected areas of natural disasters; coupled with the extreme weather patterns as a result of global warming, several large hurricane and floods hit Taiwan hard, endangering its homeland security.  The cry of the river and the need for environment restoration have become the universal consensus among our people.

Accordingly, in October 2009 the national flood control meeting was held. Scholars came together to give ideas on effective management of water resources and watershed assessment, management of adjustment programs.  Through TRRN our government established river restoration partnership with various countries, which will be beneficial for us to gain international wisdom and experience in river restoration.

Facing drastic changes in the global environment and water resources shortage, we realize only all countries in the world incorporate technology and management experience of river restoration can we help mankind overcome the changes of nature. The establishment of this site can gather the domestic river restoration information, technology, and cases, and integrate the wisdom and experience of the domestic academic institutions, government agencies and private organizations, as well as to advocate the right model for people to get along with the river, to regain with reverence our rivers as partners.  Doing so not only facilitates biodiversity, but also allows our environment to be sustainable.