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The Launching of a Water Purification Engineering Project – A Wetlands Park is to be Built in Dashi, Taoyuan


The water quality of Dahan Stream affects tap water quality sources in Greater Taipei Area significantly (Photo by Li Jung-ping, reporter) 

(Li Jung-ping, reporter/Taoyuan) Funded by the Environmental Protection Administration and Department of Water Resources, Taoyuan, the groundbreaking ceremony of the building of a water purification and wetlands ecology engineering project at Yuemei Village, Dashi, Taoyuan was held today. It is estimated to be completed in July 21, 2017. Utilizing the high riverbank along Dahan Creek, artificial wetlands and water purification technology are used to process 9,000 tons of sewage from towns and cities in Dashi Old Street and Yuemei area. Waiting for 4.3 days, the purified effluent is released back into Dahan Creek. It will diminish the pollution and improve river water quality considerably. It will further promote the raw water quality to the Twelfth Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation.

The commencement of the Water Purification of Sewage at Yuemei Village, Dashi Engineering Project. Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan and more expect to build a multi-functional wetland education park. (Photo by Li Jung-ping, reporter) 

The ground breaking ceremony is hosted by Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan of Taoyuan City, with the attendance of Deputy Minister Fu Shu-chiang of the EPA, Councilors Chen Chih-wen, Yang Chao-wei, and Li Po-fang, Director Huang Jui-sung of Dashi District and more. They offer incense sticks and pray for the smooth progress of the engineering project. Then, they hold the spade together to break the ground. 

Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan expressed that this engineering project is located at the high riverbank with the area of 6.1 hectares. Utilizing the contour and terrain of the site, different aqua environments, such as equalization, grass swamps, ponds, swamps, and ecology are planned. Primitive aquatic plants will be planted and local woods will be conserved. Using the benefits of the elevation, sewage will be purified with the gravity flow method to achieve the goals of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.
Then, with the growth of plants and improvement of water environment, it is expected to promote local ecological quality, hoping small animals such as the Chinese bullfrog, fire fly, damselfly, and more that used to appear here will be revived at this site. By that time, this wetland will become a multi-functional wetland education park with the songs of frogs and birds, the function of water purification, the vision of ecology restoration, the purpose of education and entertainment.

Source: Liberty Times
Date: March 21, 2016
Website: http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/1639090


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