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The Regulation of the Upper and Mid Stream of Donggang River – Anping Wukuiliao Revetment, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Project



Donggang River is located in Pingtung County in Southern Taiwan. Originating at the Ritangzhen Shan Valley Line at the upper-stream of the ruin of Wanan Clan at the elevation of 1,702m above sea-level. It flows along the south of Pingtung Plain, and enters the Taiwan Strait at the north end of Donggang Town. The length of the major river is about 44km, and the area of the drainage basin is about 472km2. It is a meandering river flowing along the plain. At the upper and mid stream of Donggang River, high river banks and wetlands are distributed along the river, forming important habitats for water creatures and birds. This section of the river is the richest in ecological resources.

However, in recent years, floods always happen concentratedly to the upper- and mid-stream of Donggang River. To solve the problem of difficult drainage during heavy rain because of the flatness of landform on both sides of the banks, an overall and integrated scheme was planned to regulate the river. Detention pools and flood releasing cross-sections were added along the river and the boundary line of proposed levee was expanded to enlarge the flood buffer space. The junctions of the mainstream and tributaries were extended and expanded to delimit the boundary line of proposed levee to improve the regional drainage. Coordinating with river management, it is expected to complete the flood prevention system of this river.

In accordance with this policy, the 7th River Management Office has conducted the “Donggang River – Anping Wukuiliao Revetment, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Project and Sand and Gravel Bid” and other river prevention construction projects. In addition to widening of the river, increasing the river space, decreasing the flood detention space along the river, and flood decrease design, the main channels are deepened to allow the banks to drain water easier and increase the effectiveness of water drainage, solving the flood problem.

The 7th River Management Office also approaches river conservation and is consolidating the green engineering method from the perspective of “consolidating the green construction method”, “increasing leisure and riverside space for people”, and “implementing comprehensive community development”. By doing so, it tries to use less concrete, such as using rock rip-rap in building low-water revetment and rolled erosion control and landfill restoration engineering method in building revetments to decrease carbon dioxide discharge. At the back of the revetments, trees from the neighboring Chaozhou artificial lake were transplanted to beautify the area, construct an ecological green zone, and increase biodiversity. It ensures this construction project to be able to fuse in with the river restoration and rejuvenation of the natural ecology and environment. Coping with the river regulation and banks beautification, sightseeing platforms, pavilions, hiking paths, street furniture, and other facilities were built along the Donggang River. Providing people a leisure space and riverside park for community activities, it increases more riverside leisure spaces for the use of people.

At present, the upper and mid-stream of Donggang River is already regulated with an overall
and integrated scheme. Concerns about flood prevention and irrigation in the drainage basin, ecological protection, leisure and recreational activities are also paid in the regulation process to construct a completely natural, ecological, and social environment system. Integrating ecology into flood prevention policies, and community development, the water space will become the core of spatial transformation to connect with the featured landscapes, humanity issues and history, ecological environment, and more. In short, a diverse riverside landscape will be constructed.
The conditions of the midstream of Donggang River after regulation



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